A collection of my stories

Distance Beckons

Distance beckons, my woman A theatre of memories have assembled In the hall where souls are gambled In the shadows a feline waitress with balanced tray Awaits the opening salvo of the play The [...]

THE SCRIPT – week 1

ACT ONE: MURDER SCENE EXTERIOR DAY: KALAHARI DESERT Two black Mercedes are driving through the dust of the Kalahari. They arrive at a small turn of the century town surrounded by a growing slum [...]

Transkei 1989, Episode 1

Transkei 1989, Episode 1 At the end of our second last year at school – a meaningless distinction since three of us were already in imminent danger of being excluded from the school system [...]

The Hell Band

What is the Hell Band? The hell band is a layer through which we pass millions of times throughout our lives, at least dozens of times every day. It is a thin layer that separates two modalities [...]

The House of Love

Estate of Madison, Madison County, 1985       Kate glance upward as lightning tore with impending sound across a dark sky, the light refracted through the high, stained glass windows of the [...]


In the principality of ElÅriën there existed a lake, which was called Siläke in the old language. The consequences of even indirect contact with its waters could be devastating. The ripple caused [...]

Why do I Love You?

I love you because in preparing to meet you I had to learn to love myself. I love myself with curiosity, compassion, gentleness, humility and joy. When I first imagined you in the universe, I [...]

ET – unedited

My Fatherland said a hero of faith and bigotry and inspired the people who had been walking and fighting for four hundred years. Dispossessed people touching every word that spilled from his [...]


So my lover – her smell and tears now distant as a night cloaked road in some foreign desert town – has admonished me to write and cook. It is becoming what I do. My problem is that [...]


‘What’s your name?’ ‘Tidnab’ she responded. ‘That’s an unusual name.’ ‘Not really, I hear it every day. What’s yours?’ ‘Thomas’ In the background, tango music played with zesty persistence, [...]


I like to dine alone. Besides the coolness factor, it gives me an opportunity to eat my heart out at half the price of a beautiful companion and concentrate more intensely on the eating [...]


Oysters can make you look pretty fucking cool. I am sitting at Willoughby’s at the V&A Waterfront, arguably the finest sushi purveyor in Cape Town. It has the horrible fate of being in the [...]

Fire Nymph

I enjoy indulging in random act of theatre and shameless self promotion, if for no other reason than it is fun. If I could get a bit of TV face space while doing something heroic at the same [...]

My Father

One of the saddest and most defining memories was watching him sitting at a sunlit dappled table on the lower deck of our restaurant in Hout Bay. He appeared to be sipping a glass of white wine [...]

The Entrepeneur Part 3 – Selling

At eighteen I was forced to get a job, forced mostly by my parents, who were beginning to suspect that they had a high school drop-out and serial lay-about on their hands. They were exactly right [...]

The Entrepeneur Part 2 – Packing

By the time I reached high school, my family’s previous restaurant fortunes were like an ancient crumbling prawn smelling lighthouse on some forgotten coastline. After the failure of our fast [...]

The Prayer

The five of us were prowling through Hillbrow, hustling for money and booze, when we stopped down the road from a local supermarket and discussed the notion of a little heist. It was part of the [...]

The Lighter Thief

For me, stealing lighters has moved beyond an art. When it was still an art form, I was vaguely conscious of the process. I would find a lighter in my pocket, look at it and sort of announce it [...]


She walked in to the rustic bar area, looking around the room. She saw wooden plank walls, large fishnets hanging from the ceiling, a pool table on the one side and a large fireplace on the [...]

Becoming a Ninja

My ninja career began, I believe, in the summer on 1982. I watched a movie called ‘Enter the Ninja’ and in a celluloid epiphany, I saw the future and understood that it involved ninja stars. In a [...]

Parking Bandits

In the bad old days of apartheid, it was illegal to loiter. Among the vast web of fascist Afrikaans laws designed to keep the black man on his knees, you had the loitering and pass laws. As a [...]


24 hours ago ‘Hey, bro, name’s Blake.’ I held out my hand, and then withdrew it. My palms were soaked with sweat. ‘Joe.’ The big black face smiled as he looked at my hand. ‘Have you got the [...]

Dungeons and Dragons

As the boys at KES – King Edward High School – slowly oozed into their appropriate social strata I found myself with a diminishing range of options for inclusion. On the one hand you [...]

Songbird Assassin

When it came to songbirds, I was something of a mass murderer. It was not cruelty that drove me but rather a hunter’s instinct. I liked to work out how to catch living things and failing actual [...]

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