‘What’s your name?’
‘Tidnab’ she responded.
‘That’s an unusual name.’
‘Not really, I hear it every day. What’s yours?’
In the background, tango music played with zesty persistence, like an operatic mosquito.
‘I love this music.’
‘Agreed.’ she stood up, ‘but enjoyed best in moderation.’
Her jeans were skinny as her legs, dark blue with little badges sown into the fabric.
‘Where are you going?’
She turned to look at him. Her large eyes were coral blue and she wore a violet coloured lip ring through her lower lip. Her shoulder length hair was bible black. She had the tattoo of an Egyptian Ankh on the side of her throat.
‘How is that any of your business?
‘It’s not. I just wanted to talk to you a little longer.’ He had an innocent smile and a wide mouth.
‘I was going to go and cast a spell on someone. Do you want to come with me?’
‘I would love to.’ He jumped up and stood to attention. ‘Show me the way.’

They moved away from the party, into the garden. The smell of Jasmine and Fynbos was scented honey in the treacle thick air. She felt a bead of sweat running down her throat. The heat was amber coloured.
‘Who are you casting the spell on?’
‘That guy,’ she pointed at a tall, skinny boy in a blue suit. He looked very awkward. ‘It’s a love spell.’
‘I’m curious.’
‘Wait here’. She walked off and stood next to the skinny boy. Her body looked shy, her knees a little unstable, fingers brushing against his. They spoke for a while and then she reached up and kissed him full on the mouth. Briefly her metal piercing flashed between his lips. He embraced her and she held him. Then she pulled away, bowed slightly and walked away.
‘Did the love spell work?’ Thomas asked.
‘I think so.’
He grabbed her hand as she started to walk past him.
‘Can you cast that spell on me?’
‘Sure.’ She smiled, ‘follow me’.

He followed her through the crowd, watching her back flex sinuously. At the exit, she turned and paused. She put her arms around his waist and whispered in his ear.
‘Can I ask a small favour of you before I take you home?’
He watched her pull out a white wallet. She opened it and removed a wad of notes which she slid into the back pocket of her jeans before handing it to him.
‘Would you mind returning this for me?’
‘To whom?’ he asked.
‘You know,’ she giggled, ‘its a little payment for my spell. Go quick, just say you found it and then come back. I’ll be waiting for you.’
He ran off, laughing at her wickedness. He saw the poor chump looking through the chairs for his wallet. He was about to throw it at him when suddenly he checked his own back pocket.
His wallet was gone, replaced by a business card which he pulled out.


Turning the card over he read the name upside down and realized he had been caught and didn’t even have a kiss to show for it.