What is the Hell Band?

The hell band is a layer through which we pass millions of times throughout our lives, at least dozens of times every day. It is a thin layer that separates two modalities or states of being. The most common states are sleep and wakefulness and our most profound experience of hell, in terms of visual impact, will occur during dreams.

Where is Hell located?

Hell can be expressed or apprehended in many different ways. Physiologically, Hell is located in thin clusters of nerves that separate the amygdala and basal ganglia (lizard brain) from the more recently evolved parts of the human brain. Psychologically Hell is an interpretive matrix between our sensations of reality and the emotions and higher thoughts which erupt from stimuli. Metaphysically, Hell is the second layer outward from normal consciousness as we journey through onion layers toward the Astral planes.

Why metaphysics?

This is an important point. Metaphysics should not be confused with the supernatural or any belief that requires faith in what is essentially unknowable. The sole purpose of metaphysical language and ideas is allegory, a set of imaginative stories that help us to understand the observable facts of everyday life.  Ultimately what we are talking about is directly influencing the structure of the brain and the hundreds of organic systems that mediate what becomes our waking consciousness. By using well-crafted allegory, we are directly focusing our attention on the mechanisms of the brain that will help us to control our minds. It enables us to think about thought directly and dynamically manipulate our brains with a high level of precision.

How is hell shaped?

A simple way to visualise hell – and in fact all of the lower astral planes – is a soap bubble. A soap bubble is essentially infinite on two dimensions, width and height. If you are on the surface of a sphere you can travel infinitely in all directions without ever running out of surface. However if you move outward or inward, the third dimension, the bubble pops as the surface tension breaks. When you are in hell, it is potentially infinitely large if you move with the curve of its surface and are bound to its surface. However if you are able to change direction and move outward – which is to say perpendicular to its surface – you will burst it’s surface tension and be free of its constraints.

How big is Hell?

In line with the previous paragraph the obvious answer is that Hell is infinite if you are traveling in the wrong direction but a fleeting thought in depth if you are able to change direction. A practical example of this is the phenomena of stress. Base sensations of fear come at us throughout our lives and are normally a combination of a difficult situation manifesting in a difficult context that does not allow us to perceive an escape from this condition, such as stress over money or love. Unless we are empowered to break it’s surface attention or distracted by something larger, many people will continuously move along the surface of this plane, trapped in a circle of fearful sensations and interpretations. This makes it difficult to engage our imagination, logic and intuition, even when we are conscious of the pain we are causing ourselves. For many, Hell is inescapable for large periods of their lives.

What is Hell made of?

Metaphysically speaking, Hell is made up of a turgid, sticky plasma, like mud or treacle syrup. If you can imagine your attention – your point of consciousness – as being a small spherical lens, you can imagine that lens becoming stuck in this substance and starting to circulate with Hell’s currents instead of quickly passing through this layer. Through racial and emotionally fixed memory, Hell is embedded with fearful, archetypal imagery which changes relative to your culture and upbringing. The more you struggle against the tides of Hell, the more of this imagery you will produce. In normal waking consciousness, this will be more in terms of uncomfortable sensations and thoughts while in other states, like dreaming, you will be more likely to visualise the complex narrative of the archetypal world and the demons that are part of your culture.

What is the purpose of Hell?

In evolutionary terms, the mechanism of Hell  is designed to keep you alive. Humans have evolved so fast however and our technology has become so efficient that much of our evolutionary programming has become redundant and in many cases harmful. The most base instincts of our lizard brain – according to popular culture – is fight or flight. While this may be a little over simplified, essentially we have been programmed to advance or retreat to stimuli from our environment. As we developed language and high definition imagination, these simpler impulses have been coated with the culture of our species which in many senses has made our ability to control our brains more problematic.

What does religion have to do with it?

Religion, which is the franchise movement for owning real estate within our collective consciousness, realised this powerful phenomena early on. The physiology of the brain and the generalised location of our perceptions could be controlled en masse through allegory redressed as spiritual fact. By keeping us in a state of fear over our spiritual destinies (how we are going to survive death) and offering an escape from fear through moral duty, religions was able to precisely control the surface tension of hell and the appropriate moment of release in the company of sanctioned representatives of spiritual freedom.  It could be argued that this was necessary during the early development of human culture, but ultimately it has been a very destructive notion which we are still struggling to free ourselves from.

How can we escape Hell?

The anatomy of Hell – and especially the physiological structures which mediate this phenomenon – are very closely linked to memory and it’s corollary, future focus. We worry about what is going to happen to us because of what has happened to us before. Think of US in this context as not just yourself but your family and friends and the popular culture that developed our most popular myths. Without getting bogged down in the hysteria some of these notions create in us, the important point is that focus on both the future and past is directly implicit in us being unable to reach escape velocity from Hell’s currents. Said another way, stay absolutely in the present and your brain will do the rest.

Can you permanently erase Hell?

You can no more permanently erase Hell than cutting out a part of your brain. However humanity has found many, many ingenious ways of achieving just this. Addiction to any habituated sensation, such as sex, money, drugs and power is a very effective though potentially destructive way of dealing with the mud of Hell. In almost all cases, there is a law of diminishing returns with a high interest rate, physiologically speaking. The future is unavoidable and the past inescapable. Through spiritual awareness and strength you are able to recognise your perception approaching this barrier and quickly moving through it without getting stuck. Eventually the demons permanently shrink from being overwhelming monsters of darkness to figurines of sticks and mud in a slowly draining swamp.