The room is filled with police and security officers. Several coloured officers are trying to question the staff and management who look stunned and devastated. A doctor in a white coat is bending over the face of the girl who lies spread-eagled in a halo of blood in the centre of the meeting table. Blood is pooling on its polished wooden surface. On the other side of the table the three executives also lie dead, bleeding heavily from their throats. The centre one is bent backward over a lounge chair and his chest is thick with dark, thickening blood.

The doctor is interrupted by the Koi man who looks absolutely stricken, blood streaked across his stomach and thighs as if he had been cradling her. He asks the doctor impatiently about the wounds, speaking in broken English. The doctor looks at him and then lowers himself again gently so that his cheek touches her nose. He looks up and explains that she has no injuries. She is in a coma.


An ambulance is rushing through the desert night with an entourage of police cars and the two black Mercedes. In the back of the ambulance the girl is lying strapped to a bed, dressed in a hospital robe, her skin clean of blood, an oxygen mask over her mouth and nose. A nurse sits next to her, monitoring her vital signs. Koi man is sitting in the back of the van too, his body tense, and his eyes wide. He locks eyes with the nurse and they hold their stare for several moments. The nurse suddenly looks confused and dizzy, falling forward before catching himself. He has big sideburns and frizzy hair.


The girl is wheeled into a small, silent country hospital, flanked by Koi man, two police officials and Piet and Boeta, who are both speaking on cell phones, having heated conversations in Afrikaans. The head of the hospital meets them, and asks everyone to leave. Immediately Koi steps to her side and reached into his Kimono. Likewise Piet and Boeta stand forward. Piet pulls a sealed envelope from his pocket and hands it to the doctor. He explains that she has the highest diplomatic protection and they are not to leave her side. He nods at Koi and explains that he also cannot leave. The doctor sighs and ushers the police away. Boeta instructs them to guard the front and back entrance and then returns to his conversation on the phone.


The girl is lying in the dark of the hospital room, surrounded by bleeping green hospital machinery. Her arms and legs are strapped to the bed she is lying on. In the half-light her hand twitches and strains weakly against the strap. Outside the hospital room are Piet and Boeta. Piet is standing stiffly next to the door. Opposite him Boeta is leaning back in a hospital chair, drinking black coffee from a Styrofoam cup, his leg crossed over his knee. He is wearing blue jeans and heavy black military boots. They are looking at each other in silence. They both look haggard. On the red tiled roof directly above the window of her room, Koi is sitting cross-legged, looking calmly out into the night. In his lap the moon reflects off the blade of a Japanese Tanto knife.


On the outer periphery of the property, hidden by the shade of large, oak trees, a man is sitting on a low, white washed wall. He is slumped forward as if half asleep and on his head is a beat up leather hat with a raven feather in it. He looks old and withered. In the bushes behind him a shape is walking silently up the hill. It is the cat with the red hair. Its yellow eyes are just visible in the bush, reflecting the moonlight.


In the hotel, the nurse with the sideburns is walking slowly down the passage towards the Afrikaans men. Both stand up and place their hands on their weapons. He puts his hand up to calm them and then explains that he needs to check on her. Boeta grabs the doctor’s clipboard to check the schedule, which advises one likely night visit. Piet carefully pats the nurse down and then ushers him into the room before closing the door.

In the room the doctor quickly rushes over to her, his movements suddenly erratic and shaky. He starts to remove the constraints and whispers the word Avalon into her ear. Immediately her eyes open and she starts to wrestle out of the constraints. He hisses at her to be quiet, places his fingers over his lips, warns that she in great danger and she must trust him. She asks where Koi is and he explains that he is waiting not far away. After removing her constraints, he grabs her hand and then pulls her qently but firmly into the adjoining room, which has wooden floors.

He opens a trapdoor in the yellowwood floor and ushers her down some steps into a dark cellar room and then down a passage. He holds his hand to his lips again. He leads up an old flight of stairs and out a door into the quiet hospital grounds. She is shaking and looking confused and terrified. She whispers again about Koi and the man assures her that he is close by. He leads her under the cover of the trees and toward the old man sitting on the wall. Her guide goes over to the old man and they grip each other’s wrists and stand still and quiet. The girl whimpers in fear as she sees a large cat walking towards each her.


Koi hears her small cry from the roof of the hospital and he immediately leaps over the edge and jumps from window to window until he reaches the ground. He starts sprinting towards her and suddenly hears a scream of pain and the sounds of an animal attacking. When he reaches the outer wall, he sees the nurse and the man with the hat partially collapsed into each other, both motionless. He cannot see where the girl has gone. He shouts for assistance and runs off into the desert.