We deliberated on whether to use this word, soul, because it has such immense gravitational potential with all the multi-dimensional contextual linguistic layers that go with it. On reflection however, in these cases, the density of associations is not really the problem, but rather the quality of some of the translations associated with this phenomena as drawn from popular culture. The author also seems to like it, but feel free to replace it with your own version only once you understand exactly what we mean by the soul.

First of all, obviously, the soul is not imagined. To decontextualize it, we use the term ‘soul vehicle’, which implies that it is a mechanism of the Living System that is core to all of its processes without inherently having any sort of moral essence of its own. Also there is more than one soul vehicle. For our purposes there are three, which we have labelled Internal Soul, External Soul and Extended Soul. They are essentially the same mechanism, but they are differentially defined by their location with respect to the Living System.

Inner Soul: The Inner Soul is a point of high frequency electrochemical oscillation found within the actual warrior form, somewhere in the body. As a point of accuracy, it is not high frequency in the sense of a radio frequency within the high frequency band but rather it is a point, or more often an area, within the body where there is a focus of electrical activity, whether it be electrical (nerve impulses), chemical energy (glucose in your blood) or kinetic energy (the actualised energy of your body in motion). If you had to look for a generalised location it might oscillate between the beating of the heart and electrical activity in the brain. The real answer however is that it precisely different depending on the position of the Living System with respect to the grid. It is not so much a point as a nexus of purpose that involves the whole Living System.

Outer Soul: The outer soul has much the same function as the inner soul but is a point of high frequency electromagnetic oscillation in the Living Field. It is directly congruent and synchronised with the Inner Soul and in fact any variation in connection between the two souls will cause a multitude of destructive issues. In general, within a reactive Living System, the outer soul follows the inner soul in a reverse hierarchy, which is to say that the inner soul determines the motion of the outer soul. In a reactive Living System, this reverse hierarchy essentially means that the body is in charge, making our outer soul automatic and instinctive. In an active Living System, where awareness of the Outer Soul is conscious, it can be directed to determine the purpose and movement of the Inner Soul. One of the applications of this is that this mirror association can be used to magnetically stimulate the Living System into assisting weakened organs which have a reduced energetic density, such as a diseased liver or heart.

Extended Soul: The Extended Soul is again a reflection of the two previous two soul vehicles but its nature is electro-chronomic (more of that later) and can be disassociated from the Living System for an almost infinite range with respect to the grid. Due to its properties, existing simultaneously in 3-Space, 4-Space and 5-Space, it is always connected to the Inner Soul, but only through the mechanism of the outer Soul. It is possible to break this connection or weaken it beyond repair and the destructive consequences of this are parallel to death, such as permanent catatonia or coma. More importantly, it can be strengthened by working on the foundations of the Outer Soul mechanism – through this and similar systems – and reversing the hierarchy of control so that the Extended Soul directs your Living System. The parallels with this concept in traditional conventions are literally endless and don’t need repeating or reinforcing. In fact, they should be temporarily discarded to avoid confusion. In Total System, the Extended Soul is used to explore 5-Space, the source and summary of all motion, where Inspiration (as defined by TS) is limitless for all of the needs of the Living System.