Shadow-light forms when clear-light intersects with objects on the elemental plane. Clear-light emanates from the Solar Source and is filtered through the Astral and Elemental planes on its journey to the prime material, Earth. Objects, such as flora, fauna and all natural phenomena – including minerals – are imprints from the Material plane coalesced into the elemental planes over time. As there are no defined or fixed spatial dimensions in the elemental realm, these imprints act like Archetypes for material living classes. All trees within a species – that spread across the spatial dimensions of the Material plane for instance – are imprinted as an archetypal forest of that species, the primordial visible record of that species over time, often centered by a particular tree which is the King or Queen or most high Principal of that species.

The Astral plane is composed of refined conscious idea coalesced over time, in our case primarily the sentient conscious mass of mankind over the last 2 millions years. Human consciousness has several unique properties, not the least of which is its resistance to gravitational density, which means that it rises through the planes ahead of all other energies and elemental types of consciousness to form the bands of the Astral heavens. When clear-light filters through the Astral plane it picks up these human like idea properties, which pool together in the shadows cast by clear-light intersecting with elemental archetypal objects, thus giving the shadow-light the properties of human like sentience related to the nature of the object which casts the shadow. From this all elemental higher life forms, such as faerie, emerge.

In a similar way to high concentrations of oxygen on the Material realm, high concentrations of clear-light are toxic to Elemental sentients. It erodes and burns the time upon which these creatures feed. Likewise, elemental sentient life is impossible without dark-light, which is the Mana upon which they feed. In the case of a single elemental tree, the fullness of clear-light forms a short, blunt shadow within which the elemental sentient sits like a cocoon, incapable of animation or intelligence. As clear-light dwindles toward dark-light, the creature evolves quickly. At the height of shadow-light, the sentient achieves its most pronounced isolated form and is capable of first link communication.

In forest-light, we have the situation whereby trees that share proximity have overlapping shadows. These overlapping shadows contain a deeper dimension than the object would have in isolation, thus allowing a meeting point (a minor court) where sentients can communicate with the second link. Sentients that enter the minor court now evolve a deeper language and their forms become more sophisticated and elaborate, as though they were dressing for court, redefining each other into being. When several of the larger and more primordial trees – living in even closer proximity – share their shadow-light, the royal courts start to evolve, where the sophistication of culture (style) and language (communication) reach their peak. In the largest of the forests, with the species holding the most noble lineages, the central courts are so dense that they are able to resist clear-light for most of the solar day and maintain their structures.

As the elemental moves towards dark-light, shadow-light achieves a peak concentration of dimension, where general Courts can form and rudimentary third link communication is possible between different species. After this, the dissolution begins, where shadows become generalized and lose their shape-weight and a flood of Mana is available for all the sentients. This feasting is the last stage of form. As it nears its completion, dark-light becomes a dissolving force to intelligent form and the sentients must retreat to their objects and start to weave their cocoons to preserve their identity for emergence in the following shadow-light cycle. The most powerful of the Elementals can move from Court to Court and sustain themselves throughout most or all of the dark-light into the following shadow-light, only retreating to their objects when clear-light become too corrosive. Once a year – at the apex of the dark-light season – comes the ‘Nocturne’ (winter solstice), the most powerful moment in the elemental calendar, when the Elemental Royalty can hold grand court and the Great Feast occurs throughout the Kingdom.

Elemental travel or remote viewing by humans is achieved by placing the extended soul upon the elemental bands. This is most difficult during clear-light as the residual impressions are faint but can be used to enhance image animation (imagination), inspiration or in-sight. Success is relative to the phase of day and the supply of glucose in the brain. Glucose is replaced during dark-light and is strongest during shadow-light but is used up during clear-light. During dark-light, travel upon the elemental is easier but because of the dissolution, the imagery and content is extremely time fractured and largely form-free and hard to gather. Shadow-light (early morning or twilight) is the strongest time for elemental travel, particularly early morning. The effect of any elemental travel will be enhanced by physical proximity to Material objects which have value in the Elemental, such as immersion in nature or proximity to fire, wind or water. The strength of the soul vehicle can be enhanced by developing the skills described in the three basic forms and the three runner bodies.

Words in italics will be expanded upon in further readings.