The three basic crafts are different methods with which to travel, sense, absorb and transmit the experience of the elemental realm. They are called Wind-Walking, Dream-Dancing and Word-Weaving and in essence they are defined by the natural affinity the practitioner has to the different phases of the elemental day. We are all naturally attuned at our base levels to the presence or absence of clear-light or dark light and from this sensitivity we draw these crafts. It should be noted that these distinctions are not rigid or fixed as we all share skills and talents from across the full range but understanding where we are generally localized over time will help us to explore and improve these skills. It should also be noted that these crafts can be used to explore other realms beyond the elemental but for our purposes, we choose to practice these methods on the elemental, which has a simplicity of structure and purpose.

DREAM-DANCERS are highly visual, internalized practitioners that are naturally attuned to shadow-light and practice their skills primarily during sleep in the realm of the dream. Almost all dreams occur on one of the bands of the elemental called the sliver realm, a realm of fractured chaotic shadow shards on the border of the realm of dark-light. This realm is permeated by the strong dissolution of dark-light contrasted by a growing quantity of the forms and identities which emerge from shadow-light. Dreams are moments long and change rapidly, splitting and coalescing in their thousands. All people experience the sliver realm to some extent but the dream dancer develops the ability to master them with practice.

Practice enables the dream-dancer to increase core-time and link the shards into stronger threads that can be mined for visual symbolic content. Further development allows skills in consciously navigating dark-light dreams with full lucidity. Dream dancers are highly emotional entities with a sensitivity to subtle emotional energies. They are often introspective and shun travel and large group interactions. Their most powerful facility is imagination (internal image animation). Dream dancers are able to pick up on subliminal emotive trends in people and express them in the visual language of the elemental realm. They operate primarily from the third eye or AJna chakra.

WORD-WEAVERS are articulate, intellectual communicators that are attuned to clear-light and practice their skills in waking hours. They have a well developed sense of the inherent structure to reality and the patterns that are visible in all things. They are effective teachers, writers, speakers, researchers and coordinators, the ones who are responsible for holding, mediating and accounting for the flow of knowledge. Their skills are increased through study, contemplation, reading and writing. Word-Weavers are useful for the channeling of elemental knowledge in verbal form and can be mined for elemental content if they are able to dissolve the attachment to Astral focus and connect through elemental verbal structures slowly assembled over time. Word weavers are able to tap into thought sequences evolving in people and verbalize them in powerful elemental ways, focusing their energy mainly through the throat chakra (vishuddha).

WIND-WALKERS are travelers and their predominant skill is intuition. They are connected to dark-light, with the ability to hold their form and move when all others are hampered by the chaos of the dissolution, when no form or identity is possible. They are the messengers who speak with few words and images but communicate fundamentally important truths. They make good healers and empaths and have skills with touch and the more subtle senses. Their skills are increased through continuous travel on the Material and exposure to a wide variety of forms and identities. They are equally comfortable with single interactions or large groups of people. In an elemental alliance, the wind-walker is able to carry the elemental forms of the word-weaver and dream-dancer and give them much greater range and higher access to elemental bands as well as enhance their effects by linking them together. Wind-walkers are able to tap into deep sensate and unconscious movements in people and assist to express them through vibrations which may take the form of sounds or touch. They act from the crown or Sahasrara chakra.

The value of the elemental plane for humans is mining for content or objects or entities that may be useful in normal waking consciousness or when taking actions upon the Astral planes. The elemental planes are several orders of magnitude more ancient than the Astral planes with an almost limitless store of primal knowledge stretching back to the early emergence of cellular life on Earth. Elemental content is a library of patterns that can be used to shape consciousness for specific outcomes. This library is as large as the entire kingdom of life on Earth. The tactics of a hunting leopard or a swarm of billions of locusts or the power tidal sweep of a river shaping rock are among the sentient patterns that can be harvested and used. The elemental can also be used to craft tools by layered patterning over time and these tools can be used to protect or enhance your core-time for travel. Practitioners access the elemental in two ways, either directly for their own purposes or through a subject to transmit knowledge or build consensual designs and architectures for internal growth.

The most powerful way to leverage elemental exploration is through an Alliance. Knowing that no one individual can easily master all three of the crafts through natural inclination, the key is in aligning three separate individuals who each possess a more natural mastery or affinity within one of the crafts. Working together, using intuition, emotional resonance and expressive power, the consensual elemental alliance increases its effectiveness significantly. This can be achieved by spatial proximity in a working session but a lack of proximity makes very little difference once the practitioners have been identified. Practitioners can also work with several groups. Alliance grids improve the power and resolution exponentially. The trick with an alliance of three is deciding upon common cause and then aligning extended souls to focus the communal attention. Extended souls working in concordance form mutual vehicles with greater range, stability, core-time and speed. These types of vehicles – loosely termed runner-bodies – will be expanded upon in the article titled the three runner bodies.

Words in italics will be expanded upon in further readings.