Core time refers to the life cycle of your Total Living System (physical body, inner field and outer field) – in other words, your life time. It is the inherent potential trapped in the electrochemistry of your body that follows you from birth to death. Threats to your core time are capable of reducing your core time, for example through disease or other bodily malfunctions. Your core time is also threatened by more subtle energies that affect your states of mind and awareness. Core time in fact fluctuates regularly as it interacts with the environment, given you the sense that your living potential is being enhanced or suppressed cyclically.

Flow time is a consequence of your Core expressing itself as action. Core time is a store of value. a condensed potential within us that can store or release its force outward from the body. Every time we need to perform a challenging event (such as acting quickly in an emergency) we must expend this time. Naturally our bodies use Core time as efficiently as possible, to maintain a very fine equilibrium and a continuous store of value. We use this Core time to respond to reality, but spend it as economically as possible. Core time can be increased to a net positive by performing supportive time building exercises such as meditation, nutrition and exercise.

When core time expresses (itself), it is translated into flow time, which moves into your living field. This is the pocket of flowing time through which you move and act. Flow time, which can be visualised as a thirty foot field of awareness around your body starts as fairly viscous fluid closer to the body and becomes more vaporous at it moves outward to the edge of your field. Core time in your body is like an igniting force which can be triggered to resonate outward, similar to the sound of a powerful musical note played that can be heard from a distance and induces a reaction in your body as it is picked up by your senses.

Flow time is always with you, moving around your body. If your Core time is strong, your flow time will be strong and fill the space around you. If your Core time is weakened, the flow time moves closer to your body, which reduces your ability to re-act in time. Core time is usually expressed using an action (thought, word or deed). If your flow time is already strong, very little if any Core time needs to be borrowed to fuel the action. In fact, the great work of Flow time is to learn to rebuild Core time – in ourselves or in another – by correct action. If Flow time and Core time are synchronized they act to constantly charge by each other, like circular breathing on a wind instrument.

Flow time can be shared and passed upon to other people through building their respective Core time. For an example, an action such as speech can be used to compliment someone on their appearance. This has the immediate effect in most people of feeling like they have more time. You can see their Flow time expand and then make small additions to their Core time. Mutual love and respect spent through good word and action will always grow the Core of an individual and likewise increase their Flow. For similar reasons, this process can be reversed so that instead of spending quality time with an individual we waste it or spend it badly.

A good way to understand how these forms of time interact with each other is by visualizing a burning candle in the darkness. The candle wick and the candle are Core time and the flame is Flow time. The first band of Flow time is the flame itself, the second band refers to the burning radius around the flame, that larger cocoon of potential, too close to which easily flammable fuel will burn. That tear shaped cocoon of potential is the same amorphous field which gathers around all animate and inanimate bodies or objects and grows and evolves when that object or body is in motion. In living bodies, this shaped field of potential is crafted from threads of our Flow time and evolves or changes constantly.

The third form of time is Open time which extends from the rim of your outer field (30 foot circumference) to your remote field, a much larger field of awareness which interacts with the ecosystem on a global scale. Like Core time being expresses into Flow time, Flow time must be expressed into Open time. The thought, word or deed of Core action expressing into Flow time becomes part of the more nebulous nature of Open time as a kind of net of sensations and energies, a tangled holographic skeleton of ideas which grows or deteriorates as it interacts with similar constellations of patterned free time moving through Open space. In a crowd of people, the confluence of these clusters of thought can form a type of reinforcing power that increases the Core time of the crowd as an organism and likewise it’s potential to be helpful or violent as it expresses its flow.

All three forms of time are controlled and managed by the correct use of Time Links, which are small mental structures that we assemble through elemental practices, the crafting of mental tools for use in elemental travel. There are three general type of Links as they relate to Core, Flow and  Open time. Core Links are build within the body over time but are almost entirely genetic. Flow Links are built through inner field work – and exist within this field – and Open Links are out in the world, capable of travelling vast distances if supported by a strong Core Flow structure. It is the Open Links that gather all the data you require from the world at large, such as in the example of tapping into the internet. The Core links are very small in number, The Flow team more populous and the Free links are as numerous as all the thoughts you have about the world. These will be explained in greater details in the next piece.